Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little League

Shortly after our arrival in Sugar Land, Brian signed Luke and Will up to play Little League. Luke is playing his first year of machine pitch and Will is playing t-ball for the first time. Both boys have enjoyed their practices and receiving "real" uniforms.

Last Saturday was Opening Day. Each boy marched with his team in a parade to the field where the opening ceremonies were held.

This week the season began. Monday night Will's team (the Tampa Rays) played the New York Yankees. In Will's division they rotate positions every inning. He played pitcher, second base and right field. At pitcher he stopped all the balls that came to him and made nice throws to first. At this age the hard part is catching, so their weren't many outs made. No score was kept but the kids didn't seem to mind. (Although Luke couldn't believe they didn't keep score or make the kids who got out go back to the dugout!) It was a very low-key introduction to the joy of playing the game.

Tuesday night Luke's team (the Cleavland Indians) also opened against the New York Yankees. Their team didn't fare so well, but Luke didn't seem to mind and said he had a good time. He played pitcher, second base and right field. He was 1-2 at the plate. Hopefully the next game will have a better outcome.

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Raising Olives said...

I can't believe how big those boys are. You all got some great shots.