Sunday, March 8, 2009

An "Almost" Slumber Party

When our children turn nine, they have a birthday party with their friends. Hayley will turn nine in April. We knew if we waited until then to have her party we would not have been in Texas very long and were afraid she might not have any friends to invite! We asked Hayley if she would like to have an early celebration with her Kingsport friends. She thought an early party was a great idea. Being in the midst of our move I wasn't up for making a meal, planning crafts and games, etc. We decided to have an "almost" slumber party.

Hayley's friends arrived around 5:00 p.m. on a Friday evening. I then took Hayley and her 6 friends to Pizza Hut for dinner. I enjoyed listening to the girls talk with each other. They had a great time trying to think of all the jokes they knew. After dinner we returned to our house for cake and ice cream. The girls then changed into their pajamas and watched Hayley open her gifts. The final activity of the evening was snuggling in sleeping bags and watching Kit, one of the American Girl movies. The girls were all picked up by 9:30. The girls were able to enjoy the "activities" of a slumber party, but everyone went home to sleep in their own beds.

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