Sunday, March 8, 2009

Christmas Festivities

We thoroughly enjoyed being "home" for Christmas. We were able to participate in many of our favorite activities and even host one. Each of the girls had a special time with friends while we were home. Ashley attended a movie and went out to lunch thanks to the organization of a dear friend. I let Emily invite friends over to our house. We decided to have a gingerbread house decorating party. In addition to the gingerbread houses we also make some other holiday crafts. I think the girls had a great time.

A few days later we attended one of our favorite Christmas activities...cookie decorating at the Saulsburys. There were icing and sprinkles everywhere! The older kids took up the challenge to see how many decorations one cookie could hold. The younger children wanted to lick the knives used for applying the icing. Even though the time was messy and a little chaotic, it was a lot of fun. Wonderful memories made with wonderful friends!

Before leaving California, the children had begun practicing for the Christmas program at the church we were attending. They were disappointed that we would not be there for the performance, so they made up their own program. They presented it to Brian and I a few days before Christmas.

The girls also played several pieces on the piano. Andrew decided he wanted to participate too!

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