Monday, December 10, 2007


I posted on Saturday that I wouldn't have a chance of seeing snow until I returned to TN/NC in January. Well, I saw snow yesterday on our drive to church! When we moved to Irvine I was surprised that the area is surrounded my mountains. I could see a tiny bit of snow on the mountains visible from our cul-de-sac, however as we drove to church we could see mountains covered with snow. It was beautiful. How amazing that I'm in sunny Southern CA, 15 minutes away from the beach and can see snow from the end of my street.

I wrapped some presents last night. I'm listening to my favorite Christmas CDs today. It's finally beginning to feel a little like Christmas.

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Gran said...

I am so glad I turned your Christmas card over and learned about your blog. It was great fun reading about your California adventures, and I look forward to more. Thanks for sharing. My post will probably show up as being from Gran, as it does on Scarlett's. Love from Mary Catherine