Friday, December 14, 2007

Kathryn and Andrew

Before Andrew was born, I was concerned that Kathryn would be jealous of him. She has always been a mama's girl, however from the time Kathryn first visited Andrew in the hospital she has loved him. Kathryn has a very limited vocabulary, but she can say "baby" and says it every time she sees him or sees a picture of him. She wanted to hold him more than anyone else during his first few weeks with us. Kathryn thinks Andrew's paci is the answer to all his problems. She tries to give it to him whether he wants it or not! Kathryn also loves to kiss him. I'm so thankful she adores her little brother.

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bonnie berry said...

pics so sweet. will is a really good reader. he read dick and jane stories to me and did not miss many words. enjoyed talking to you tonight. it's always fun to hear what the children are doing. especially trying to guess what's in the big box.