Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Frog Eye Salad

Today Kimberly at Raising Olives and the other 3 moms are sharing picnic recipes. The timing is perfect as we will be attending our FAVORITE annual picnic on Monday. It just so happens to be hosted by Kimberly's parents.

This recipe for Frog Eye Salad was given to me by a friend at church. It used to be her signature dish. She and her family have since moved away and it is now one of my signature dishes. I never bring any home (and it makes A LOT)

Frog Eye Salad

1. Pound package of acini de pepe pasta, cooked and drained

2. In a medium saucepan mix the following into a smooth paste.
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1/2 t salt
2 T flour

3. Add juice reserved from 2 cans of pineapple. Cook until thick.

4. Pour mixture over pasta and add 1 bag mini marshmallows. Stir until marshmallows melt. Refrigerate overnight. Mixture will be soupy when you put it in the frig. It will be a solid mass the next day.

5. Stir in 1 x-large container of Cool Whip breaking up the solid mass. Add the following drained fruits.
1 can crushed pineapple
2 cans pineapple tidbits
2 cans madarin oranges

6. Add a variety of soft fresh fruits. I always add halved grapes and kiwi. I also use berries in season.


Stephanie said...

This is a favorite of my husband's I haven't made, I am going to try with whipped cream instead of cool whip, since that is what we have :) Thank you.

Mom@Home said...

I'm the one that usually scrapes the bowl. So glad you are bringing this to the fellowship meals!