Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Continuing a Tradition

While growing up my mom, and sometimes my aunts, would make a Brunswick stew every year. This was done outside in a large pot over a fire. Stew days hold wonderful memories for me. I remember my grandmothers standing at the kitchen sink peeling potatoes, my Aunt Jean doing her "witch's laugh" while stirring the pot, being reminded MANY times not to let it stick while I was stirring, all of my nearby relatives coming to eat lunch when the stew was ready and my grandmother's apple pie being served for dessert.
My mom and I have made several stews since I've been married, but this year she and my dad came to my house to help me make one. It was today's homeschool lesson.

Here's the recipe we used. It was created by 2 of my dad's sisters. There are probably as many different variations on Brunswick stew as there are people who make it. We used a 10 gallon pot, but you could reduce the recipe and make it on the stove.

10 lbs peeled and diced potatoes
5lbs dried baby lima beans
4 qt chicken broth (may need more)
3 gal tomatoes
5 large onions
8-10 pints corn
1-1 1/2 c. sugar (add 1/2 of this and then more to taste)
1 c. salt (add 1/2 of this and then more to taste)
10 lb cooked beef
10 lb cooked chicken (I use 20lbs of chicken and no beef)
4lbs margarine (I used 3lbs)
3 pods red pepper
black pepper to taste
Put beans in soak the night before. Next morning pour off the water and put beans in the pot. Cover with water and cook until soft. Add onions, potatoes and enough chicken broth to cover. Cook until potatoes are soft.
Add tomatoes. (We use tomatoes that my mom cans. We run them through the blender first.) Add remaining ingredients. Add additional tomatoes or broth to taste and to get desired consistency.


Judy said...

Great tradition! I especially appreciate you including the recipe. My recipe is different, but we may try yours in the near future...I just don't have a 10 gallon pot! Where on earth do you store that when you aren't using it? Or with the size of your family do you use it regularly?!

Jama said...

Judy, it's my parents' pot and I think they store it in their woodshed!

Michelle said...

That sounds so yummy! I think I would definitely need to reduce it a bit. ;)

I think I want grandma's apple pie first though.