Friday, May 1, 2009

Another Birthday

One of the many advantages to having a large family is the opportunity to celebrate lots of birthdays. Brian once said he wanted to have a different birthday each month! I don't think we will ever achieve that goal as we have two birthdays in April, June and October. Daniel and Hayley are our April birthdays.

Hayley turned 9 this year. It is hard for me to believe she is only nine. I always feel like she should be a year or two older since she is over 5 feet tall and wears a ladies size 9 shoe! People often think she and Emily are twins.

Hayley chose fajitas and peanut butter pie for her birthday dinner. She received money from Mimi and Pa Pa which she enjoyed spending at Michael's. Grandma and Grandpa sent an assortment of small gifts including Sculpey clay and a stained-glass coloring book. Brian and I gave her a book light and an audio CD of several books. She also received many gifts from her siblings including homemade cards, a hand-crafted ring and a special treasure one of her bothers gave up because he knew it was something she liked.

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