Friday, July 4, 2008

Sea World

Brian's parents flew to Irvine on June 22nd. They spent 10 days with us. While they were here we visited Sea World San Diego. We enjoyed our day despite the warm weather and crowds. We saw Shamu's show, a dolphin show, a 4-D Sesame Street show, an acrobatic show over the water and a pet show. Most of us enjoyed the pet show the most. All of the animals are rescued from animal shelters. It's amazing what the animals have been taught to do.

Brian, Ashley, Hayley and Will rode Shipwreck Rapids and got soaked. Afterward they were willing to sit in the soak zone at the Shamu show. People near them got wet, but they didn't. At the end of the day Brian, Ashley, Emily and Hayley tried to ride Journey to Atlantis. This water ride has a 60ft drop at the end. While waiting in line the ride was stopped for some maintenance which prevented them from being able to ride. The tickets we bought will allow us to return once before we leave CA. Hopefully they will be able to ride then.

This dog is jumping rope while his trainer and another dog turn it for him!

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