Friday, May 30, 2008

17-Mile Drive

17-Mile Drive is located near Monterey, CA. It is a scenic drive near several exclusive golf courses including the famed Pebble Beach. It was overcast while we were there, so the scenery wasn't as nice as it might have been on a sunny day. Several of the viewpoints were closed due to the sea lions pupping. I read on-line that the scenery at 17-mile drive pales in comparison to views further down the Pacific Coast Highway. Now that I've seen both, I would agree.

Point Joe is an area where the water is very turbulent due to submerged rocks. The picture doesn't' show it well but there were waves breaking in all directions. The area is named for a Chinese man who once sold wares in the area.

Can you tell this rock is covered with sea lions and sea otters? We could also see them frolicking in the water at the base of the rock.

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